drop a line was a project that took place in different locations during 2007/2008. It has been presented in Tromsø, Gent, Berlin, Oostende and Brussels. In each place diverse artists participated and different types of spaces and materials were being explored.

The project researches the relation between an artistic product and its process. Each location had it’s own unique presentation. drop a line works on how to relate the presence of space, sound, people, and situation to certain materials. How do we design the performance space as an intermediate place where information is collected, stored and materialized? While visiting the space, the audience go through different layers of physical experiences that explore one’s sensation being inward as well as outward.

choreography & video: Heine Avdal / choreographic assistant: Yukiko Shinozaki / performed by: Anne-Line Akselsen, Heine Avdal, Brynjar Åbel Bandlien, Peder Horgen, Sayaka Kaiwa, Mikael Marklund, Michiel Reynaert, Saori Miyazawa, Yukiko Shinozaki and Katrien Van Aerschot / visual artist: Maki Uenda / composition and music: Ole-Henrik Moe, Kari Rønnekleivv, and Silvia Platzer / scenography: Heine Avdal, Arnaud Meuleman, Saori Miyazawa, and Yukiko Shinozaki / technical direction: Hans Meijer

production: Luea Ritter / produced by: vzw fieldworks and Heine Avdal / co-production: 4x4 (Tromsø), Vooruit kunstencentrum(Gent), Tanzfabrik (Berlin) / with the support of: fond for Lyd og Bilde, Norks Kulturråd, Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere, Foreign Ministry of Norway

world premiere: August 30 2007 at Tromsø kunstforening - Tromsø, Norway