Melvyn Poore has led and continues to lead a varied musical life as tubist, composer, sound designer and sound diffuser, computer programmer, electronic musician, recording engineer, theatre musician, educationalist, improviser, performance artist, champion of new musics,...
For the last twenty years, he has been an active member of the Ensemble Musikfabrik, based in Cologne, Germany.  For many years he was sound-designer for the ensemble and his most recent achievement has been learning and playing the Adapted Guitar as part of the ensemble’s re-creation of Harry Partch’s complete instrumentarium and performances of Partch’s music. His current main projects are a book about the tuba, research into pedagogical materials and activities, and a retro-tuba with a second bell.
Melvyn Poore lives in Cologne, Germany.
Melvyn Poore is one of the core musicians in the fieldworks production THE OTHEROOM