Andrey Andrianov is a dancer, writer, performer and choreographer, who lives in Moscow. He studied dance, pantomime, contact improvisation, marshal arts and acting.
Between 1993-2000 Andrey worked at the dance-performance laboratory Saira Blanche Theater in Moscow, where he developed performances in collaboration with the performance-group Lux-Flux (Vienna). The works were presented at a.o. Tanz.Platform 98, ImageTanz, Tanz2000 and Wiener Festwochen. Between 2001-2008 he worked together with the Do-Dance Company, as a dancer and choreographer, under the artistic direction of Min Tanaka (“Theater School of Dramatic Art”  by Anatolij Vasiliev). From 2009 on Andrey regularly collaborated with Theater Brut in Vienna.
Andrey now collaborates as a performer to the creation of distant voices.