Mioko Yoshihara (1971, Nagasaki, Japan) started to dance at the Kato Feeling Art Ballet Studio in Nagasaki at the age of 15. She moved to Tokyo to study Philosophy and Sociology at the Waseda University, where she was involved in the Golgi Worx  
company (1990-1999) and the Leni-Basso (1995-1999) dance company. Meanwhile he trained herself as a dancer by taking classes of ballet, modern/contemporary dance and butoh in both Japan and US. In 1998, she worked for Naomi Mutoh in London and in 1998 and 1999 she participated to the International Tanzwochen Wien. Her strong interest in contemporary dance,  release technique, composition and improvisation, led to the decision to move to Europe. She was selected for the X-group project at P.A.R.T.S.(2000) with a grant from the EU and later studied in EDDC/Dance Academy in Arnhem as a guest student (2000-2001). She has worked with a.o. Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Katalina Mella Araneda, Salva Sanchis, David Zambrano, Sanne van Rijn, Kyung-Ae Ro, Bud Blumenthal, Uiko Watanabe, Alexandra Meijer and Armand van den Hamer.

As a choreographer, she created ”In Between" (2003), ”Fujin”(2004), “Spectrum”(2009) and “Reflexion Pure”(2009), 4 performances that are based on structured improvisation. In 2010 she organized a site-specific performance in the Kofukuji temple in Nagasaki, around calligraphy, dance and live music: “Where has the moon gone?”. Since 2012 she also works as a VMI bodywork therapist.
Mioko collaborated as a performer to Field Works-office and Borrowed Landscape-Kortrijk.