In Inner Horizon Christelle Fillod and Yukiko Shinozaki examined the limitations of our visual and auditory senses, on the basis of the observation that by far the largest part of the real physical world is actually beyond the reach of human perception. An endless space comparable to a black hole has been an inspiration for this performance. It is here that the dancers take up their positions. As they dance they seek new ways of moving with the body. Such technical means as lighting, costume, sound, and set design are used to give the audience an experience of the sense that all physical references have vanished and of how it feels to see reality shifting.

concept and direction: Christelle Fillod , Yukiko Shinozaki / created with and performed by: Brynjar Bandlien, Varinia Canto Vila, Yukiko Shinozaki / light design: Hans Meijer / music: Christoph De Boeck / costumes: Nadia Schnock
production: deepblue vzw / support : Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Kaaitheater (Brussel), Stuk (Leuven), Vooruit (Gent), WP Zimmer (Antwerpen) / with thanks to: Beursschouwburg (Brussel)

world premiere: April 21 2005 at Kaaitheater - Brussels, Belgium.