A new long-term project started in 2023 and consisting of a series of discussions, improvisations and interventions that spin around the terminology “folding and unfolding” in landscape and public space, and that includes video both as documentation and as an artistic product in itself.
elsewhere & elsewhen will unfold over several seasons, each work period resulting in a public presentation, which graft on and reflect on the “landscape”, both in the meaning of our society—and the urgent social, economic and ecological issues we are confronted with today—and in the meaning of the concrete locations where these presentations take place: both conventional and unexpected places, in a (major) urban or rural context.
The title of the project also refers to the reflection on our own “state of the art”, our own artistic trajectories and choreographic practice. How do we see the dance landscape/art landscape in relation to public space? (Self) reflection is an important part of our artistic work in order to understand the impact of performing arts in a public space. How can we compare or differentiate from other art forms present in public space? Our projects are often developed and presented in different types of locations. Each location results in its own unique work process and specific interaction with the public.