unwritten conversations is a nomadic improvisation and research project. Contrary to a regular creation whereby a longer creation period leads to a 'fixed' show, unwritten conversations is created in a fragmented time, in different settings and with various casts. Each time a certain topic/theme is being discussed and explored.
unwritten conversations is an exploration of different formats for creation, presentation, collaboration and research. It's another way of testing and consolidating material and work methods, of questioning the state of the art and Avdal and Shinozaki's own choreographic practice, and of creating new material and visions on how to exist in the future. Therefor unwritten conversations can take on many different forms: workshop, lecture, debate, public intervention, …
The place/space in which unwritten conversations takes place can also be of any form: a theatre or rehearsal studio, a public space as well as spaces with an intimate character such as a private house or a café/bar. As it is often the case in the work of Avdal and Shinozaki, these spaces can be an integral part of the creation. The use of alternative performance spaces and various (presentation) formats leads to new insights and perspectives and enhances a more direct contact between performers and spectators.
The plan for unwritten conversations comes from the need of Avdal and Shinozaki to develop further an amount of ideas. To realize this, both artists made an appeal to a generation of fellow artists whom they have encountered.

different versions of unwritten conversations:
unwritten conversations Salzburg
Took place in April 2018 in the studios of Szene Salzburg where Avdal and Shinozaki teamed up with artists Oleg Soulimenko and Jasmina Hoffer to brainstorm, work and exchange ideas on how to deal with producing and presenting dance and performance productions outside of its regular forms and practice.
unwritten conversations Korea
For unwritten conversations Korea Avdal and Shinozaki worked together with dramaturg and professor in the performance arts Sara Jansen to produce an animated lecture on the methods and results of Avdal and Shinozaki's artistic practice. The presentation, which included visual elements and performance, was held July 2018 at the Daegu Art Factory in South Korea during the "Performance as network conference".
unwritten conversations PACT Zollverein
for unwritten conversations at PACT Zollverein Avdal and Shinozaki asked dramaturg Sara Jansen, musician and sound designer Johann Loiseau, dancer and comic book artist Brynjar Bandlien and choreographer, musician and dancer Oleg Soulimenko each to make a portrait on Avdal and Shinozaki's artistic career and their experience having been working with them.
These four portraits where brought to the public on June 17 of  2018 at Arts Center PACT Zollverein.
Sara Jansen wrote and presented the essay "The object of choreography: Re-figurations of movement and writing in fieldwork’s body of work".
Johann Loiseau composed and conducted "The walls are talking", a composition for an orchestra of spirits living in the venue.
Oleg Soulimenko wrote and performed "I guess you want to know something, how to be a successful artist”, a humorous song in which he recals his experiences with Avdal and Shinozaki.
Brynjar Bandlien made "The theatre of evolution”, a 12 frame comic about the work of fieldworks that was handed out to the audience.
unwritten conversations IMIR
unwritten conversations IMIR, a mini-festival curated by Avdal and Shinozaki, took place at RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst in Stavanger in November 2018. On the festival's program were Oleg Soulimenko's "Loss", Tetsuya Umeda's "Ringo", Michikazu Matsune's "Goodbye" and Avdal and Shinozaki's own production "unannounced". The festival also included a workshop on improvisation strategies that was given by Avdal and Shinozaki together with Oleg Soulimenko and Tesuya Umeda, and that was aimed at the local artists' community.