distant voices wins 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'

distant voices won the Polish 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'
...for art that provokes thinking and stimulates imagination, enabling everyone to find his/her own sense of it.

The seventh floor of the world

testing your perceptions, The seventh floor of the world is a playful exploration for passages to other levels.
The seventh floor of the world is a performance for young and old. watch the trailer here
Sun 24-05-2015 nothing's for something   CC De Grote Post, Oostende
Fri 29-05-2015 distant voices   Stamsund International Theatre Festival, Stamsund
Wed 17-06-2015 Box with holes   Stiltefestival, Breda
Thu 18-06-2015 Box with holes   Stiltefestival, Breda
Sat 20-06-2015 Borrowed Landscape   Kortreist dansefestival 2015, Inderoy
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