Sat 10-10-2015 carry on   Spiral, Tokyo
Sat 10-10-2015 distant voices   Spiral Hall, Tokyo
Sun 11-10-2015 carry on   Spiral, Tokyo
Sun 11-10-2015 distant voices   Spiral Hall, Tokyo
Mon 12-10-2015 carry on   Spiral, Tokyo

distant voices wins 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'

distant voices won the Polish 'Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award'
...for art that provokes thinking and stimulates imagination, enabling everyone to find his/her own sense of it.

The seventh floor of the world

testing your perceptions, The seventh floor of the world is a playful exploration for passages to other levels.
The seventh floor of the world is a performance for young and old. watch the trailer here

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